Who we are

Managing and connecting hotels & casinos to a wider customer base

Our Story

We conceived Vault Corporation during the COVID’19 global pandemic. The world’s economy was at a standstill - especially so for the Travel, Hospitality, and Casino sectors. With borders shut, international hospitality dropped to unprecedented lows. Though many only saw disaster, we instead saw an excellent opportunity for the industry to reset and realign through innovative business processes and technology.

The hospitality and casino sectors, especially in Asian countries like Singapore, Macau, Australia, and the Philippines have experienced extraordinary growth in the last two decades. However, just before COVID’19, growth was flat, suggesting that an overhaul of traditional business conduct was crucial. Vault Corporation’s senior management has identified critical inefficiencies in how casinos operate, particularly in the following areas:

Vault Corporation is not looking to just check the boxes. As a hotel and casino management company, we understand each business lives with its unique set of problems, which cause customer experience and company performance to suffer. The team at Vault Corporation is determined to drive positive change and address neglected issues.

With decades of experience from market-leading establishments, expert knowledge in diversified fields of specialization, and insider information on the ground, our team of hotel and casino consultants anticipates helping customers achieve sustainable growth while ensuring all regulatory requirements are met. Our market coverage consists of casinos ranging from East to West, including Macau, Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, Las Vegas, and London.

Our Mission

To help our clients manage their customers to deliver distinctive yet sustainable improvements in their performance while building a company that attracts, develops and nurtures exceptional team players.

Our Vision

To be a world leader in optimizing revenue and processes for hotels and casinos, providing their customers with unforgettable experiences.

"The definition of visionary is not truly explained in the dictionary. A visionary is one who fails many times but is able to withstand challenges, looks forward, and takes huge risks to innovate. That is why VAULT was conceived to address the issues the industry is currently facing - by taking calculated risks with partners and pushing towards excellence."

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Our Management Team

Marcus Lim

Marcus Lim

CEO/ Founder

It would be no exaggeration to call Marcus Lim an expert in the gaming and hospitality sector. Jumping into the industry as the Director of International Marketing in Las Vegas Sands, the breakneck speed with which he progressed, to lead as the Vice President of International Marketing in Crown Resort, then serve as the President of International Marketing in Star Entertainment Group, is vindicated by astonishing results that transcend competition. Most recently in Star, Marcus broke all historical records to achieve the company’s highest turnover to date. Marcus continues to value-add in Singapore.

Currently a catalyst of Vault Corporation, he is actively involved in optimizing sales and operations, guiding training sessions, and advising customers on all matters from AML compliance to credit assessments. Marcus’ driving force to continuously excel stems from a deep-seated belief that one should never settle for the status quo: he always seeks to elevate the game. On a managerial level, he consistently provides discerning industry intelligence regarding market constraints, sustainable growth strategies, and financial performance. Drawing on extensive on-the-ground experiences, Marcus also constantly innovates fresh sales and services strategies to invigorate team synergy and capture a strong market share.

Tristan George

Tristan George

Legal Counsel

Tristan George is based in Hong Kong and is currently licensed under Lazarus Asset Management Limited (BHU035). He also serves as a Director of Asia for Integrated Securities. Tristan’s experience encompasses a number of years across debt capital markets, project finance, energy, and natural resources, strategic advisory, and private equity across Asia and Australia.


At Lazarus Capital Partners Tristan is involved in providing corporate advisory, equity and debt fundraising, alternative financing, and mergers & acquisitions for companies listed in Hong Kong, Singapore, AIM, LSE, ASX, and TSX. Before joining Lazarus Capital Partners, Tristan started his career at the National Australia Bank (NAB) whilst completing his professional qualifications in Arts and Law from the University of New England. He then joined boutique mining consultancy firm, Fortbridge Consulting for several years before moving to Hong Kong to establish and run a Mining Brokerage platform with global real estate firm CBRE. Mr. George was most recently the Director of Bauhinia Capital Partners, a type 1 and 6 licensed corporate advisory firm in Hong Kong.

Joel Lim

Joel Lin

Sales Corporate Senior Advisor

Joel is the President and Founder of Singapore (2008) and Hong Kong (2012) offices of Sandler Training, a leading global sales, and management training company. Over the years, he has worked closely with numerous clients from startups to top global companies. His expertise is in helping his clients drive sales growth, structuring and managing the sales team, designing the right incentives, and training salespeople to achieve their targets. Joel's knowledge stems from his vast work experiences, such as being a Consultant with The Boston Consulting Group (Los Angeles office) and International Project Manager at Monsanto, a leading US life sciences company.


He has also started a number of other companies including Green Mountains Investments, an investment holding company;  an investment bank focused on Southeast Asia; a natural resources hedge fund and a TV production company. Most notable among his various educational accomplishments is an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a B.S., Aerospace Engineering from the US Military Academy at West Point (graduating in the top 2% of the class).

paul mcwilliams

Paul McWilliams

Risk and Compliance Senior Advisor

Paul is a highly experienced risk, compliance and governance professional. Over a career of more than 30 years, he has worked in multiple industry fields including the Australian public service, international accounting firms, and in C-suite positions with large listed public companies in consumer goods, energy utilities and integrated entertainment resorts. His expertise lies in various areas of risk management including compliance, internal audit, tax and treasury. Paul takes a hands-on, pragmatic approach to risk management and compliance - he is well versed in turning complex regulatory requirements into simple and practical messages able to be understood and actioned by employees at all levels within an organisation.


Ashley Lim

Credit Director

Ashley Lim started as a member of the credit team of Marina Bay Sands during its infancy in 2010, and is currently a professional with 10 years of credit experience under her belt. Her experience lies in reviewing credit applications for high-rolling players on behalf of the casino: after carefully monitoring each individual’s credit reports, businesses, assets and risk rating assessment, she makes the recommendation to approve credit lines for gaming purposes. She has helped the team at The Star achieve low debt rates for massive amounts of approved transactions, such as 0.55% for a total of AUD 35 billion approved transactions since 2012.


Arv Sreedhar

Corporate Finance Senior Advisor

Arv’s experience encompasses a number of years across private equity, capital markets, project finance, energy, and strategic advisory, working with a range of multinational corporates, governments, and financial institutions in Asia, Australia, and Europe. He has previously worked in investment banking and as a lawyer at top-tier firms.

Arv currently serves on the board of numerous companies and is a consultant and regional representative for SRS Advogados, the premier law firm of Portugal. Arv is also affiliated with several chambers of commerce, trade commissions, and embassies. In his current role as Managing Director at APA, Arv heads the corporate finance team overseeing DCM, ECM, private equity, advisory, and project finance transactions.


Shining Yeo

Corporate and Tax Governance Advisor

Shining Yeo is the Founder of Assembly Work, a corporate service Singaporean firm. Having worked in the Corporate Services and Financial sector for 10 years, she has experience across various industries such as Commodity Trading, Investment, and Venture Capital, Event Planning, Education & Family offices. She is a problem solver who believes in forging strong and lasting relationships with all her clients and partners. Above all, Shining aims to constantly challenge herself, and in doing so empower her clients to success.


Eric Merchant

Marketing Advisor

Eric is a proficient marketing executive with vast experience working with multinational organizations such as MGM Resorts, Genting Singapore and Brioni as well as being an independent agent for Wynn Resorts, Venetian Las Vegas, Caesars Entertainment and Harry Winston. With his extensive background in global hospitality, entertainment, and luxury brands, Eric fortes in curating unique opportunities and experiences. He masters the art of subtly ensuring all the right conditions are in place to deliver value on a customized level. He believes in the power of creating personalised, original and inspiring experiences built around authentic local experiences, integrate technology and wellbeing to boost post-pandemic demand.