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Compliance Across all Jurisdictions

Having been in the gaming business ourselves, we understand that the number one worry for casino executives such as yourself is ensuring regulatory compliance. But we choose to take a different approach from most executives, who view regulatory requirements as a hindrance. Our take is that it instead makes clear the boundaries of running our business. We firmly believe that once this aspect is taken care of, sales and revenue will naturally follow.

At Vault, we incorporate and apply AML compliance principles in every aspect of our work, simultaneously ensuring that they meet regulatory requirements across various jurisdictions to help instead of hinder business growth.

Service and Solution - KYC

Credit Assessments
(KYC Onboarding)

Strict onboarding audits of individual clients are conducted before engagement. Vault possesses the capabilities, as well as regulated collections of data.

We keep a credit team independent from the sales team to prevent conflict of interests. Our checks have a maximum of 1 hour-long turnaround time. Our independent team of compliance officers can identify, manage and mitigate potential risks appropriately.

Service and Solution - Regulated Collection

Regulated Collections

Vault provides a compliant payment gateway that meets regulatory requirements.

Our team will build legal binding, locale-specific agreements in separate countries adhering to AML rules to jurisdictions to ease collection.

Sales and Operations Optimization

Our casino consulting team aims to drive efficiency in all our processes and achieve customer satisfaction in every aspect. We do this by building highly collaborative relationships with the incumbent team based on trust and open communication, working together to deliver an exceptional experience that will boost customer retention. Through our CRM technology and creativity in using big data analysis to capture customer behavior, we elevate process flow innovation to new heights and optimize operations in your establishment both internally and externally.


We also understand the importance of customer relationships. Our team comprises top experts with decades of experience in casinos in Macau and Las Vegas, where they gained highly advantageous assets in the Sales and Marketing field - extensive networks, massive global client databases, and mastery in sales techniques that consistently accelerate closing opportunities. With this, we can help you cultivate deep and long-lasting relationships with your clients in every step of the customer journey, scaling your business for sustainable and long-term growth.

We combine people, processes, and proprietary technology to bring you the best services and enhance your business:

Service and Solution - Personalized Customer

Personalized Customer Experience

Show your customers you care through delivering a personalized journey from start to end. Our team of dedicated professionals is curated such that they are diversified not only professionally but also personally. We understand that each customer is unique and take much care to match different client personalities to our highly differentiated team, offering a comfortable and individual experience to your customers at every level.

Service and Solution - Break Customer

Break into New Customer Markets

All businesses desire growth. We help you capture new customer markets by taking care of local regulations in different regions. Our management team has local knowledge and expertise in various regions from working in international markets, possessing stellar business track records globally. We bring the full force of our experience to bear when representing your establishment in foreign countries and rapidly growing your customer base in the shortest possible amount of time.

Service and Solution - Operational support solution

Operational & Support Solutions

Our support solutions cover most casino operations functions and are designed to boost efficiency, help you stay in compliance, and minimize the time needed for operations. Our executive team also provides a range of in-depth management expertise exclusive to top companies in the Service industry while actively eliminating regulatory concerns, unnecessary capital and operational expenses, and human management issues.


We believe that the potential of every employee and member of the company needs to and can easily be upgraded and evolved to face and conquer the new challenges we will face tomorrow, together.


To promote a culture of compliance and thus demonstrate an unequivocal commitment to transparency and abide by the law


To encourage proactive upgrading of guest-focused skills across departments, providing the most incredible experience for customers

Improve Processes

To understand the standard operating procedures and optimize them to drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness daily

Optimizing Technology

The drive behind Vault’s creation was to help the Hospitality and Casino industries scale personalized services to their customers through the help of technology, working in synergy with a profoundly personal human touch. We believe that this industry will soon be transformed into a Smart Hospitality & Casino business, spearheaded by innovative technology solutions such as our own.


Our definition: Network Coordination + Data Intelligence = Smart Business.

Network Coordination
Breaking down complicated business activities so that firms can accomplish tasks more effectively
Data Intelligence
Effectively iterating products and services according to consumer activity, response, and needs. In other words, personalization.


Simply put, there’s only so much you can remember about a particular customer. Why not embrace technology to keep track of your customers, providing them with an unparalleled and unforgettable personalized experience?


We use our proprietary technology solutions to help Service industry clients embrace the Smart Business methodology where personalization, speed, and efficiency are vital to serving customers better. Our comprehensive ecosystem drives the game-changing elevation of customer experience to new heights. We employ algorithms, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence technology to amass an extensive understanding of customer details, far surpassing previous traditional business models.

Service and Solution - Fostering Collab

Fostering Collaboration

Our team is connected through our proprietary, mobile-centric CRM technology, which also seamlessly manages data coordination and intelligence to our partners and your establishment’s incumbent team. This allows multiple departments to coordinate effectively and efficiently while achieving casino compliance and client expectations.

Our Strategy - Serving Our Customer

Customer Preference Understanding

We use data intelligence to effectively iterate products and services according to consumer activity, response, and needs. By balancing high touchpoints with low touchpoints, we keep track of every customer’s needs and preferences in an omnichannel approach, employing big data analysis and artificial intelligence to curate an entirely personalized consumer journey.